Tell Me with Tom Starita


I interview writers, journalists, comedians, actors, musicians, artists and other folks in the world of art and entertainment to figure out how and why they found success--and maybe glom off their fame as well!

My first guest is humorist, writer and editor at Vanity Fair--Mike Sacks

Tell Me with Tom Starita


My guest this week is the Lead Sports Columnist at the New York Post, Mike Vaccaro. We talked about his background, breaking into the newspaper business, his ascent to the New York Post and there's even a little New York Mets talk sprinkled in!

Episode 3: Waymon Boone


My guest this week is Waymon Boone, formerly the lead singer for the band Splender and now a film director. We talked about his journey, from making it in the music business to now directing feature films and everything in-between! The only podcast that features both Master P and Ray Liotta!

Episode 4: Ezekiel Boone


This week's guest is Ezekiel Boone, author of "The Hatching" trilogy and his new book, "The Mansion" now in stores!

Episode 5: Emily Winter


This week's guest is comedian Emily Winter--she's funny, she's thoughtful, she's genuine and she has a new op-ed piece in the New York Times, "I Got Rejected 101 Times..."